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How to Stop Feeling Tired

Due to the constraints of over-population and global environmental changes, most of us are very energy-conscious this day & age. This is a step in the right direction, but are you energy-conscious when it comes to your body's energy levels?! Fatigue, lethargy, tiredness and worse affect most of us on a weekly basis. How can you stop feeling so tired all the time? Let's find out together.
Published: October 6, 2021
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This is a subject yours truly knows a lot about: tiredness.  Fatigue, lethargy, the sloth-walk, the morning haziness… Being red-eyed, brain-dead and slow to respond to the endless stream of tasks, responsibilities and deadlines is one of things most of us busy working people have in common.  This is also one of the reasons why Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts have enjoyed a period of exorbitant growth in the 21st century.  These companies and their shareholders’ excitement aside, we are in the midst of a kind of “energy crisis” but it’s not the one you’ve already heard a lot about.

No Energy For Working

Tiredness and a general lack of energy are rampant detractors from our personal and professional lives.  Just like your vehicle can only run as long as we keep it fueled, our bodies & minds can only keep up with the growing list of life’s demands if we keep it energized with good food, exercise and sufficient rest.

Let’s pour ourselves a cup of knowledge and boost our energy levels with a few sips of enlightenment on how we get rid of tiredness instantly.  Why do you have no energy? Let’s find out!


Answering this question is easy: Go. To. Sleep! The number one reason people don’t have enough energy is because they aren’t sleeping enough, or getting a high enough quality of rest.  Whether you’re a light sleeper, you’re too busy or you just can’t seem to feel rested even when you do sleep a decent duration, we all suffer from sleep deprivation and periods of lethargy. The answer to “Why do I have no energy?” is often found in your sleep consistency/quality or lack thereof.

Boosting your energy levels can be as simple as going to bed earlier, more consistently, and committing to sleep-positive behaviors throughout the day as you wind down towards the night.  Learning how to stop feeling tired can be as easy as discovering what kind of bedtime rituals set you up for a successful night of blissful sleep.

Easier said than done, right? Well we’ve researched this subject in greater detail in one of our previous blogs: Proven Tips to Sleep Better At Night.  We recommend you check this snoozy guide out for further reading on how to get rid of tiredness instantly with a solid sleep schedule and investing yourself in positive sleep behaviors. The second most critical factor in uncovering why you have no energy has to do with what you’re putting in your body – or in some cases, what you aren’t putting into it. Nutrition accounts for a major portion of how you feel – how much energy you have, how fit you are, how you’re able to respond to mental/physical stimuli, etc.  The foods we eat and the beverages we drink will go a long way in determining your overall state of health.  All that being said, nutrition is also one of the most complicated or difficult things to manage because we all have different needs, resources, limitations and desires.

fruits and Vegetables for Energy

Do you consider yourself a healthy eater? Most of us do, but sometimes it takes a major health scare or someone you know & love succumbing to illness or injury before we truly appreciate the scope of our own diets.  Factors like how much caffeine you ingest, whether you’re a smoker, how much sugary, salty or fatty foods you snack on will obviously have varying impacts on your energy levels.  Nevertheless, did you know that even if you avoid these kinds of bad habits that you still might be suffering from low energy?

Eating healthy to curb fatigue or taking vitamins for tiredness are great, but if you don’t take the time to self-reflect and truly understand your relationship with foods/beverages then you’ll never be able to optimize what you put into your body with what you’re getting out of it.  Just like our sleep guide, we’ve prepared another excellent article on Strengthening Your Immunity With Nutrition & Natural Supplements.

Sleep and nutrition certainly aren’t the only things influencing your energy levels, but they are certainly king & queen when it comes to impacting how you feel.  To further boost your energy levels you need to understand the other important factors, such as:

  • Work/life stress
  • Leisure time (or lack thereof)
  • Caffeine/alcohol consumption
  • Active vs sedentary lifestyles
  • Age, weight, genetics
  • Hydration
  • Body acidity vs alkalinity
  • Day-to-day schedule
how to get rid of tiredness instantly

This last point is particularly interesting because it can actually make or break how much energy you have, even if you’re not the healthiest, most fit or stress-free person.  Timing seems to be almost everything when it comes to discovering how to stop feeling tired:

Maybe you have no energy when working out because you’re getting up way too early?

Perhaps it’s impossible for you to run fast without getting tired because you ate way too long/shortly before exercising?

It could be that the vitamins you take for tiredness aren’t helping because you’re not taking them consistently at the right times?

These instances highlight the importance of timing, which is something we will be discussing throughout this blog.  When you go to bed, how long you sleep for, what times you’re eating, even when you space out your caffeine can mean the difference between boosting your energy levels or falling flat.  We’ve identified some of the reasons why you have no energy, but what about what you can do to stop feeling tired?  Let’s explore some of our team’s tips & tricks for getting rid of tiredness instantly with good eating, healthy habits and a little exercise.


Let’s start with the fad-of-all-fads: diet & exercise.  There’s a reason why most people despise talking about these aspects of their life, because they’ve become so synonymous with hokey diets, supplement schemes and an endless tide of “hot new exercise” techniques that can help you “change your life” if you’d only give them your credit card.

We’re here to put these outdated trends where they belong – in the 1990’s – and we’ll do our best to lead you down the paths of healthy eating and achieving your fitness goals.  Simply put, to have more energy you need to eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated and make sure you’re getting exercise or being active as much as you can each day.  There, we’ve solved all your energy problems!

All kidding aside, it really can be quite easy to achieve a stable energy level just by focusing on a few nutritional groups and spending a bit more time being physically active.  For starters, let’s look at a few energy-boosting foods that you can introduce into your daily diet routine:​

Spinach: high in iron, magnesium, potassium and other essential nutrients that support oxygen levels in the blood, muscle elasticity and other bodily functions.

health spinach for energy

Sweet Potatoes: a highly sought after carbohydrate, source of iron, vitamin C and magnesium which can boost energy production throughout the body & brain.

sweet potatoes for energy

Fish: salmon or mackerel are popular and complex protein sources, also full of B vitamins, vitamin D and essential fats like omegas 3-6-9.

Fish for energy

Nuts & Seeds: nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc are high in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals while seeds can also offer a boost from protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.

nuts and seeds for energy

Green Tea: for a healthier, less jittery coffee alternative there are a ton of green teas that can cause less havoc on your stomach/bowels but offer similar energy boosting benefits.

Sufficient Hydration Can Boost Performance

Mushrooms: beneficial fungi like Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi and above all Cordyceps can help to cut down on fatigue symptoms and free your brain & body from tiredness, pain or inflammation – leading to increased feelings of energy, focus, creativity and responsiveness.

mushrooms for energy

Soybeans: another easy-to-digest protein source, also chalk-full of B vitamins, phosphorus and copper which help your body in converting food into energy.

Soyabeans for Energy

Fruits: it’s too hard to pick one particular fruit because so many of them offer high doses of fiber, natural sugars, B & C vitamins and an array of essential minerals.

Sufficient Hydration Can Boost Performance

Moringa: this one might not be familiar, but moringa leaf extract or powder is incredibly high in iron and essential nutrients, providing a noticeable boost to your mental alacrity and overall energy.

moringa for energy

These are just a few suggestions to get you started, but we’ve offered further details on these and other productivity-boosting, energy-improving foods and exercise habits that can reinvigorate your body & mind.  Check out these other blogs for further reading on what you can eat better for more energy and how you can overcome having no energy when working out:


Now that you’re eating healthier and keeping physically active more often, it’s time to get back to bed.  As we mentioned previously, sleep is the most important element within your control when you’re trying to stop feeling tired and boost your energy levels.  There aren’t enough vitamins for tiredness in the world – more on those in a bit – or enough cups of coffee in all the globe’s Starbucks that can compete with good old-fashioned shuteye. 

When you’re tired, when you have no energy when working out, when you need to get rid of tiredness instantly for an important day at work, the first thing you need to do is to get a good sleep the night before.

This can be tricky for many – if not all of us – because sleep is something that can cause as many headaches with our busy schedules as it can be a solution to our low energy problems.  Who has sufficient time each day to get a full night’s sleep?! For some, 8 hours is that age-old, magical sleep number; others seem to make do with only 5-6 hours, but those hours might be spent in a very deep, restful sleep. 

vitamins for Tiredness

​It’s not all about duration when we’re talking about “sleep quality” – if you can consistently fall asleep, stay asleep and reach your REM cycles throughout the week, your body will feel as rested and your mind will be as refreshed as if you slept 8-10 hours each night.  This isn’t always the case for everyone, but that’s one of the major points here: not everyone’s sleep patterns or positive sleep behaviors are cut from the same cloth. 

Some of you weirdos are morning people, up at the crack of dawn, while others (like myself) can sleep in until lunch (or sometimes even dinner!).  Sleep efficiency, sleep quality and sleep consistency will greatly depend upon your lifestyle, your work schedule, your body-type and how you are able to manage your day-to-day routine.  If you can’t spare a couple hours going to bed earlier because you work multiple jobs, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can work on sleeping deeper, for longer and more consistently.

We’ve already alluded to our in-depth Sleep Guide earlier, but here are a pair of really helpful blogs about finding calmness and learning how to properly relax – two practices which are integral to putting yourself in the right mindset & frame of body in order to sleep better:


Verlota energy Capsules

This is the easiest part of learning how to get rid of tiredness instantly: take Verlota Health Energy products! Our naturally formulated, high-quality Energy Caps have become a favorite among our loyal customer base.  Yours truly actually wrote this article thanks to a steady dose of 1-2 Energy Caps during research for this blog, and during the writing process 😉 If we could recommend what vitamins to take for energy, look no further than VH’s very own Energy Capsules to kick your coffee habit, improve your mental wakefulness during studying, or to boost your productivity at work – without any of the jitters or crashes associated with caffeinated products.


There is only one solution to the eye-drooping problem of having low energy levels: Sleep.  If you have an ultra-busy schedule, or you just can’t seem to solve your own sleepless conundrum, then make sure you’re checking off the other boxes in your hunt for boosted energy levels:

  1. Sleep deep, sleep as long as you can, sleep consistently and commit to supporting your bedtime success with positive sleep behaviors
  2. Eat healthy, snack often (healthy snacks, mind you), be consistent with your foods/beverages and make sure you’re getting enough energy-boosting foods in your daily diet!
  3. Exercise regularly, whether it’s at the gym, playing sports or even just going for walks or playing with the dog – a sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst things you can do for your energy levels.
  4. If nothing else works, or if you just need a bit of extra hot sauce on the tamale you call “life”, there’s always excellent vitamins for tiredness like Verlota Health’s Energy Caps

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